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2nd Mar 2014

Hey guys!

 I would like at least 2 people on each scrim team to record a demo of their scrims/practices. This will only be required until we set up source TV on the scrim server. 

When we have Source tv setup will record POV in spectate mode. I will be uploading the demos to our clan dropbox.


Members of the scrim teams please talk to me to get the password, and make sure not to give it out to anyone.

"What is the point of this?"

Having demos of our scrims/practices will make it easier to go back and learn from the game, see what we/ you did right /  could do different next time. It will help both teams get better. It will also serve as a way to help settle any disputes or cheating accusations.

"Wont this give away our strats?"

Player pov demos WILL record the in-game chat so for now make sure you use mumble for in-game communication (It's better anyways). When source TV is setup it WILL NOT record in-game voice.

"Will the drop box be accessible to everyone?"

No the dropbox will only be available to members of the scrim teams. 


"How do i record a demo?"

  1. Open your developer console '~'.
  2. Type record example. example is the place where you have to give a name for your demo, so it can be anything.
  3. Once you feel to stop the video, open your console'~' and type stop.
  4. Now your demo has been recorded. It will be located wherever your Steam is installed. Mostly people install at:- C:\Program Files\Steam
  5. After you go to your steam folder, go to folder steamapps, then "common" folder will be there, click on it, then go to "Counter-Strike Source" folder and finally "cstrike".
  6. You will see example.dem file. That is your demo, now you can upload it.
  7. To play it, the .dem file must be in steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike , or else it will not start.
  8. Open console and type playdemo example. 
  9. If you want to check if some one is walling :
  10. Open your console when you are playing the video and type demoui2 , select the time of that you want (i.e. Forward/Backward) Then type sv_cheats 1 and r_drawothermodels 2.


Again sorry for the inconvenience we will have source TV up soon.  If you have anymore questions please post them here or ask me directly. Thank you.

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